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Cult Aesthetics, a division of Enhance Clinics is a Hair Transplant clinic based in Patna. Under Dr. Neha Aggarwal’s leadership Cult Aesthetics Patna has changed the lives countless patients with its advanced hair transplant and other hair restoration treatments.

Dr. Neha Aggarwal Hair Transplant Surgeon, Specializes in Hair Transplant, Hairfall Therapies (GFC, Mesotherapy) & these three treatment options are what make Cult Aesthetics the most advanced Hair Transplant clinic in Patna. Just as the reasons of Hair Fall are not the same for everyone, the treatments for Hair Fall are also NOT the same for everyone, each case demands its own line of treatment, this is what the strategist in Dr. Neha Aggarwal does at Cult Aesthetics. Consult Dr. Neha once and be delighted with a Hair Loss solution that actually works and is completely tailor made for you.

Stages Of Baldness
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