Biotin For Hair Loss, Does It Work?

Recently Biotin supplements have flooded the market with people also swearing by with the results that can be achieved with them. However, there’s an equal number of sources that simply disregard their effectiveness to treat hair loss. Dr. Gaurav will uncover the truth today.


What Is Biotin?

Biotin is Vitamin B7 which used to be called Vitamin H in the past. It’s the type of Vitamin that is a water-soluble vitamin, this also makes it a type of Vitamin that cannot be stored in the body and has to be taken daily for the results to show. It belongs to the B-Complex vitamins and these have built a good reputation when it comes to benefits for skin, hair, and the nails.


Is Biotin Really Effective?


We’ve already talked about keratin on our blog and how it’s the main protein contained in the hair. Well, biotin helps in the synthesis of keratin and other amino acids. Due to this alone, it potentially helps you to grow stronger and healthier hair apart from experiencing a boost in the overall growth rate.  


How Much Biotin Should One Consume Daily?


The daily recommended rage is up to 100mg for adults.


What all Foods Contain Biotin?


Foods that are rich in Vitamin B7 are quite a few and also the ones that are very easily available in the market. These include;

  1. Nuts: Pretty much all nuts contain some really good vitamins however Almonds are the ones you should include in your meals in case Vitamin B7 is the one that you are going for.
  2. Sweet Potatoes: Of all the vegetables, they have the highest Biotin content.
  3. Egg Yolks: Rich with biotin and save a ton of cooking time too!
  4. Meat: Beef and chicken liver are some of the best animal-derived sources of Vitamin B7.

Regardless of the food you go with, try to keep the cooking time short to get the most amount of Vitamins from your meals!


Does Biotin Have any Side effects?


None at all. Too much of everything is bad, still, although an overdose due to Biotin consumption is highly unlikely to occur.


In How Much Time Do the Results Show:


Just like the countless tips and tricks we’ve mentioned on our blog to fight hair loss, the best companion of this one is patience as well! Hair never grows overnight hence you need to be patient for at least 90 days.


The Conclusion


While there are a lot of claims and counterclaims on the internet. When speaking from a medical point of view, biotin can be an effective treatment for receding hair ONLY if the reason for hair loss was a nutritional deficiency in the first place! Otherwise, it will NOT show any results whatsoever!

Since we’ve already discussed the common reasons for Hair Loss, we will not mention those here, also in case you need to find the exact reason for your hair loss you can book an appointment with Dr. Gaurav by calling us at +91-9990449555.

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