All About GFC (Growth Factor Concentrate)

What Is GFC?
GFC Stands for Growth Factor Concentrate: A Pure, Highly Safe, Highly Concentrated Growth Factor Preparation, engineered from the patient’s own blood for superior results in hair loss.

GFC is injected directly into the scalp and the growth factors of the patient are delivered to them at high concentration right at the hair root.

What Are The Benefits Of GFC?
  • Reduced Hair Fall
  • Rejuvenation Of Hair Follicle
  • Improved Hair Thickness
  • Strengthened Hair Shaft
  • Increased Hair Volume
  • Stimulation Of Hair Regrowth
What Are The Major Advantages Of GFC?
  • It is highly safe as its prepared from the patients own blood.
  • High concentration of growth factors.
  • Pure & without any unwanted cells resulting in less pain.
  • Requires less number of sessions.
  • Results are superior and can be experienced earlier.
Who is The Best Candidate For GFC?

Any candidate in their early or later stage of alopecia is a fit candidate. GFC is equally effective in both males and females. 

GFC (Growth Factor Concentrate) Results

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