Can a Fully Bald Man Get a Hair Transplant?

Can a Fully Bald Man Get a Hair Transplant?

To answer this common question that Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Gaurav Solanki regularly gets at Cult Aesthetics, let us first do a quick recap on how Hair Transplant Works!


How Does Hair Transplant Work?

Hair Transplant is the process of taking your healthy hair from an area that is called the donor area and then transplanting them to the area where you are balding. It’s quite simple yet the world of Hair Transplant can be quite complicated for someone who is out there to get one, with this blog our aim has always been to break down that complexity.


Can Fully Bald People Get a Hair Transplant?

The short answer to this might not please some, but it is NO. In case you are fully bald, then unfortunately you are not a candidate for Hair Transplant. As we’ve mentioned before, Hair Transplant is an elective procedure with various factors being considered to determine if you would benefit from a Hair Transplant or not.


Why Cannot a Fully Bald Person get a Hair Transplant?

Well as we’ve already explained the logic of how it works several times. Hair Transplant is not Magic, it’s a super-effective method to regain your hair but with correct logic being always applied to the process. The treatment itself works by removing hair follicles from one area and transplanting them to another, so if there is no hair, to begin with then Hair Transplant cannot fundamentally work.


What Is the Ideal Solution?

The ideal solution is simply to opt for hair loss therapy or get a hair transplant while you can. This is usually when the hair loss has just begun (for hair loss therapies) while for Hair Transplant it’s usually the perfect solution when the hair loss has become significant over time. If you’ve gone fully bald then the options of a hair loss treatment or hair transplant, simply do not exist.

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