Curly Hair & Hair Transplant, What Role Does Hair Structure Play?

Curly Hair & Hair Transplant, What Role Does Hair Structure Play?

Can Curly Hair Be Transplanted?

Any type of hair structure can be transplanted; however, it is a fact that straight hair and thick hair are easier to transplant than thin hair or curly hair.


How Many Hair Structures Are There?

It might baffle you to know that there are approximately 30 different types of hair structures. All are categorized according to the thickness and the overall curliness of the hair.


What Decides the Structure of My Hair?

Everyone has their own genetically inherited hair structure. The type of your hair root dictates if you will have straight or wavy hair. Curly hair follicles are oval-shaped while straight hair follicles are round-shaped.

Moreover, curly hair is a dominant genetic characteristic. This means that even if one of your parents has curly hair then most lively your structure can also be curly.


Curly Haired Patients & Hair Loss

We’ve talked about the types of Hair Loss in detail before. In Curly patients, traction alopecia (hair that is tightly pulled back falls out easily) is a common occurrence. However, this type of hair loss rarely needs a hair transplant.


Role of Hair Structure in Hair Transplant

Hair structure seldom has any importance in a hair transplant journey. Healthy hair of any structure type can be transplanted. It does not matter if the structure is curly or straight or even thick or thin.


Role of Hair Thickness in Hair Transplant

Thicker hair is easier to transplant than thin hair. Also, when you have thick hair in the donor area then fewer hairs need to be transplanted (compared to thin hair) as a fuller result can be achieved with fewer grafts per sq. centimetre.

Hair Color also plays an important role. For example, it’s a lot easier to achieve a fuller look if the hair is blonde as the color difference between Hair Scalp and Blonde Hair isn’t as much pronounced as it is when you have dark hair.


Role of Hair Type in Hair Transplant

Dealing with curly or frizzy hair requires the transplant to be done by an experienced Hair Transplant Surgeon. This is because when the hair is naturally curly, not every single hair is particularly wavy but it’s the groups of hair that have the wavery shape.

Because dealing with curly hair requires a lot of experience, you might be seeing higher quotes from Hair Transplant Clinics you connect with simply because of this.


Can Hair Transplant Change the Hair Structure?

A Hair Transplant cannot change the structure of your hair! This is because Hair transplant revolves around the concept of taking hair from your donor area and then transplanting them to the recipient area. The Hair structure of the Donor area & recipient area is always the same.

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