Difference Between Head Hair & Beard Hair

Difference Between Head Hair & Beard Hair

We’ve talked about Scalp Hair Transplant & Beard Hair Transplant in great detail on our blog. In this article, we’ll discuss how the hair characteristics change depending on the area of the body it grows!

Unlike the hair we have on our scalp, facial hair is a secondary sex characteristic in men with guys beginning to grow hair on their faces during their adolescence.

Hair growth occurs in cycles, with the full hair growth cycle having 3 separate steps. The first phase being the active growth phase (anagen), then the transitional phase (catagen, also when the growth stops), and the third phase being telogen or the falling out phase. Facial hair has a considerably shorter growth phase when compared to scalp hair.

A full hair growth cycle takes 3 years to complete on the scalp, and on the face, it is completed within a span of months. Androgenic hair growth is also dependent on testosterone, which can trigger the baldness gene and can also trigger the process of healthy and strong hair growth! 


Difference Between Scalp & Facial Hair


Beard hair tends to be thicker than the scalp hair, it is also coarser and wiry in hair characteristics. The scalp hair is usually straight with just slight wave while on the other hand, beard hair grows curly and thick.

When it comes to growth, hair grows in groups (known as follicular units), usually these groups vary from 1-4 hairs however larger groups grow at the back of the head. On the other hand, beard hair grows in single hairs mostly.

In terms of color & texture, beard hair may grow in a completely different color & texture than the scalp hair. This is not common in India however in some places it’s possible for people to have red color beard and not have a single strand of red hair anywhere else on their body!

Overall the hair that guys grow naturally on the face is very different from what grows on the scalp or even elsewhere on the body. Skin under the hair also plays a major role, and with the skin under scalp hair being different from your facial skin, the differences get even more pronounced.

All these differences also mean that hair on the scalp and beard should be looked after differently as well! Before or After the Scalp or Beard hair transplant!


Scalp Hair Transplant & Beard Hair Transplant


Beard transplants have become increasingly popular lately. More so because the look of a full beard has been quite the trend since the last few years, with men wishing to look mature and older with a full beard. Also, with the desire to fill the shape of the beard and add volume to the fullness, beard transplant has become the go-to solution for men who want a dense beard.

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