Dyeing & Hair Loss, We Break it Down

Dyeing & Hair Loss, We Break it Down


The process of hair dyes includes breaking down the structure of the hair. This can often result in overall weakening of the hair and even hair loss or hair breakage that can become trouble over time. Let’s discuss this.

People who regularly dye their hair are already aware of the fact that how over-frequently hair dyeing with permanent Colours can lead to hair loss. However, someone who might be thinking of getting their hair dyed for the very first time might not be aware of all the dynamics that decide how much of a negative impact can hair dyeing cause and what all steps you can take to minimize the impact.

When it comes to dyeing, there are multiple options available today, from herbal dyes that are ok for short-term changes in the shade of the hair colour to chemical substance-based dyes that allow for radical & permanent changes in the hair colour. Picking the correct route can be a complicated task. Let’s simplify it!


Type of Hair Dyes Available to Change Hair Colour


  1. Semi-Permanent & Tints: These penetrate superficially into the structure of the hair; they bond more strongly than temporary colours and usually wash out after 7-9 hair washes.
  2. Temporary Colour: This is most used for grey hair. This colour wraps around the hair and usually comes off when the hair is washed.
  3. Demi-Permanent Colour: This type of hair colour is ammonia-free, due to this property, lightening of the hair is not possible. This type of hair colour only works when getting a darker shade is the goal. Also, this type of hair colour usually contains hydrogen peroxide which is known to open the cuticle of the hair for the colour molecules to penetrate the hair.
  4. Permanent Hair Colour & Bleaching: In this type of hair colour, first the ammonia and then hydrogen peroxide opens the hair cuticle, the ammonia then destroys the pigments and new pigments are added by tinting. The aggressive substances also attack the cuticle of the hair & the scalp, in case the scalp reacts badly to it, hairs can fall out.



How Can I Dye My Hair Without Experiencing Hair Loss?


Getting your hair dyed effectively without damaging the hair can only happen if you are using high-quality ammonia and PPD free hair dyes. Even then, you should not be dyeing your hair more than 2-3 times a year. Apart from this, you may ask your hairdresser to have the highlights done in foil, this technique prevents the toxic colour from entering the pores of your scalp.

Apart from Hair Loss, these recommendations will also help you in avoiding hair breakage!


Should I Dye My Hair If I Am Already Experiencing Hair Loss?


If you are already experiencing hair loss, then regardless of the reason behind your hair loss, it’s never a good idea to do something that can further degrade the quality of your hair. In case you still want to dye your hair then only use vegetable dye products.


How To Stop Hair Loss That’s Experienced from Hair Colouring?


In case you recently got your hair dyed and have started to experience hair loss, then it’s best to stop hair colouring completely. In case excessive hair dyeing over time has formed bald spots on your head then Hair Transplant might be the only permanent solution!

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