Essential Steps to get Ready for Your Hair Transplant Surgery!

Essential Steps to Get Ready for Your Hair Transplant Surgery

So you’ve decided it’s time to take the next step and get a Hair Transplant to get your natural hair back. If so, then this article is just right for you. In this article, Hair Transplant surgeon Dr. Gaurav Solanki will elaborate on the essential steps that you should keep in mind before the procedure is carried out.


Do Not Go for a Hair Cut

You might be thinking that it’s good to look smart and sharp in front of the surgeon while you go through the Hair Transplant consultations and due to this, you might decide to get a Hair Cut.

Do Not! It’s the worst idea to get a Hair Cut in the planning stages of your Hair Transplant as your surgeon would need good hair growth on the donor area to make your transplant an easy process. Moreover, a longer cut will help you in covering the scar area or stitches, so that’s a bonus!


Stop Smoking

Going through any surgery can be stressful, even if it’s a safe and cosmetic procedure like Hair Transplant, this doesn’t mean that you should tackle this stress by smoking or ramping up the number of cigarettes you smoke!

It is helpful if you put a complete stop to smoking at least a day or 2 before the actual transplant takes place. This recommendation is suggested because smoking often has a negative impact on the healing of wounds which can delay the recovery process of your Hair Transplant.


Do Not Consume Alcohol

You need to not consume any amount of alcohol for at least 3 days before the surgery, ideally, this gap should be at least a week! This recommendation is also given due to the fact that alcohol consumption can influence the healing process negatively.


Medications & Supplements

Medications: Once your hair transplant date is locked, then consult with the Hair Transplant surgeon about the medication you are on, as some types of medication can influence the healing procedure. It is extremely vital that you DO NOT stop any medicine yourself or by reading any material on the internet, simply ASK your surgeon and let him decide this for you after carefully analyzing your independent medical history.

Vitamin Supplements: Multivitamins & supplements are usually stopped at least a fortnight before the transplant. However, just like medications, this decision too is to be made by your surgeon after analyzing your medical history.



Getting a head massage before the procedure is often considered to be beneficial. This is because the blood flow becomes more efficient. Simply rub your scalp for 12 minutes per day and this will soften the skin and get the blood flowing smoothly.



As we’ve discussed there are things to keep in mind even after you’ve taken the decision of getting a Hair Transplant! In case you are yet to finalize your Hair Transplant and need to be guided through the entire journey then consult us by calling us at 91-9990449555

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