GFC for Hair Loss: The Complete Guide

GFC for Hair Loss: The Complete Guide


We’ve talked a great deal about PRP on our blog, also we already have a treatment page for GFC on our website. So, it’s recommended to check them out first in case you haven’t already as GFC at its core is quite literally the next generation of PRP!


How Is GFC or Growth Factor Concentrate Performed?


A lot of hair growth factors are stored in our platelets. The process of GFC revolves around deriving these factors from your own body and then injecting them into your scalp in order to boost hair growth.

How Is GFC Different from PRP?


At the core, PRP therapy follows the same concept, this can make some wonder how GFC is any different from PRP. Well, there are many factors that contribute to a striking overall difference between both the treatments. Once you realize these differences, you’d consider GFC to be an advanced form or next generation of PRP!

The Differences Between GFC & PRP for Hair Loss Are:


The first major difference between them both is that PRP variations are operator-dependent, meaning that the quality of PRP Treatment you receive might greatly vary from one Hair Loss Clinic to another. However, with GFC there is no room for any operator-dependent variation, this lets the treatment be a lot more uniform in terms of the quality of overall results regardless of the choice of Hair Loss Clinic. Of course, still, the actual execution might vary from one clinic to another, so it’s always recommended to finalize a clinic that has a lot of experience in Hair Transplant and Hair-Fall related treatments.


The second difference surrounds the most crucial factor; The Results! With PRP Therapy, with many factors playing a dynamic role, the results can be variable and the time they take to show can vary a lot from one person to another. In the case of GFC, we, at Cult Aesthetics have shown optimum results that show a lot quicker than they do after a PRP therapy!


The third major difference would please a lot of people and that is; The overall level of Comfort while undergoing the procedure. Here too GFC wins over PRP. Since RBCs and WBCs are injected into the scalp in PRP. Chances of pain & inflammation are there while with GFC this chance is super low as no RBCs or WBCs are used entirely!


The fourth major difference is the complexity of the treatment; as already stated, the use of RBCs and WBCs in the solution make PRP a more complex treatment option when compared with GFC.


The fifth major difference is the number of sessions; due to the variables being a lot more in PRP for Hair Loss, GFC therapy takes a lot a smaller number of sessions, mostly due to its smaller number of variables and simple nature.




With so many differences working in favour of GFC over PRP, it’s safe to consider GFC as the next generation of PRP! In case you are looking for the best Hair Fall Clinic for your GFC Therapy procedure then consult Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Gaurav at Cult Aesthetics by calling us at +91-9990449555, And in case you’re exploring comprehensive solutions and the latest advancements, discover how we’ve become the leading choice for hair transplant procedures in Gurgaon for many seeking hair restoration.

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