Hair Loss During The Menopause

Hair Loss During The Menopause

Hair Loss & Menopause

Hair loss during menopause and even perimenopause is quite common. Hair loss is a part of aging and it is estimated that approximately 40% of women aged 70 years or over experience female-pattern baldness.


Symptoms of Hair Loss Due to Menopause

Majority of the women would experience overall hair thinning rather than noticeable bald spots, as explained in our Hair Loss Thinning in Women article. Apart from this, larger clumps of hair may fall during brushing & showering.


Why Does Menopause Cause Hair Loss?

Oestrogen is a hair-friendly hormone that helps the hair in the growing phase, Menopause causes the oestrogen levels to drop. Due to the decreased levels, hair starts growing a lot slowly and starts becoming thinner.

The drop in oestrogen levels also results in the effects of androgens being increased. Androgens are hormones that shrink hair follicles and make the body produce thinner hair.


Can Hormones Be The Only Reason for Hair Loss Due to Menopause?

No, the reasons for hair loss like stress, genetics, and nutritional deficiencies still play a role. So it is always important to keep the overall health in check regardless.


How To Manage Hair Loss Due To Menopause?

A healthy and balanced diet can help immensely. Making sure you are eating plenty of good fats, vegetables and whole grains helps. Also, the most crucial thing is to keep the stress levels in check. As we’ve discussed before, Hair Loss & Stress share a deep connection. So Hair Loss due to menopause or any reason for that matter can only get worse with stress.

Finding something that helps you manage stress and relax is the best idea for people suffering from hair loss. Yoga, breathing exercises and just having higher activity levels throughout the day are proven methods that work great to manage stress.


Treatment Options for Hair Loss Due to Stress?

The treatment options can vary greatly depending on the actual case. From Hair Fall therapies to full-blown Hair Transplant surgery. What is right for you is something that you should let your doctor decide.

In one of our latest videos, we’ve discussed about all Hair Fall Therapies in great detail.

As showcased in the video If the case at hand, can benefit greatly from a hair fall therapy then that is usually the first course of action, however if the hair loss is severe then a Hair Transplant may be recommended and sometimes even a combination of both is recommended.

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