How To Finalize a Surgeon & Clinic for Your Hair Transplant?

How To Finalize a Surgeon & Clinic for Your Hair Transplant?


We’ve talked a great deal about Hair Transplant on this blog, even the effectiveness of various Hair Loss treatments has been discussed. However, the first question that comes to your mind after finalizing the decision of going for a Hair Transplant is; How to find the right clinic for your Hair Transplant? In this article, Dr. Gaurav will give you various tips and tricks that will come super handy in your Hair Transplant journey and would help you in finding the ideal clinic to initiate the process enhancing your life!


Requirement Number 1: Having a Quality Website


The clinic you finalize for your Hair Transplant must be one that is LIVING in the digital age just like everyone else is. By making sure that they have a quality website, you are ensuring that the clinic cares about how the digital age audience looks at them and this also denotes that they’ve not lost touch with time.

Not having a website, or having a low-quality website is the sign of a center that can be considered to be a low-quality establishment, especially in this day & age!

A good Hair Transplant website would be one that is free of clutter, looks clean & modern and is being constantly updated (look for blogs and check the dates to be sure).


Requirement Number 2: Having Great Reviews


In 2021, it might take you less than 20minutes online to get a vibe of what people are saying about the clinic you are about to finalize for your Hair Transplant. Do this by checking out the public profiles of the clinic and look for video testimonials left by patients.

Trying to find Video content is a particularly effective way to check how seriously the brand is taking their clients! A good Hair Transplant Clinic will always post constant updates, videos from the surgeons, video testimonials from patients & a lot more!


Requirement Number 3: Professional Management of Queries!


One effective way to check how professional the clinic is by simply calling them! Sometimes the vibe you get by speaking with a representative on phone can be enough to tell you whether the clinic is bothered about doing great work or is getting the cash registers ringing their sole objective!

Since this is the step 1 for any patient, a good Hair Transplant Clinic will know how to answer various types of queries.


Requirement Number 4: Stay Away from Marketing Gimmicks!


Knowing what kinds of gimmicks exist in the market, is one great way to filter out the clinics who might not be able to offer you a great service! Various marketing gimmicks exist in the world of Hair Transplant, following Dr. Gaurav on YouTube is one great way to be aware of them!

If you are aware of a dubious payment plan or Hair Transplant technique gimmick, then stay away from the center that is offering the same at all costs!


Requirement Number 5: Feel Free to Consult with The Surgeon


Consultation with the surgeon, be it in person or online can be great way to gauge how comfortable the brand makes you feel. Set a consultation with the surgeon and then take a call. Hair Transplant is a big decision, if gone wrong, it can do you more harm than good, so it is always best to verify all options available.

Lastly, in case you are looking for a clinic that fits into the above criteria, then do set up a consultation with Dr. Gaurav and let Cult Aesthetics handle the rest! You may book a consultation with Dr. Gaurav by calling us on +91-9990449555

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