Scalp Fungus & Hair Loss

Scalp Fungus & Hair Loss

In this article, we’d cover a less known Hair Loss cause. If you have been experiencing hair falling out in circles or if your scalp often turns red, flaky & itchy then there is a strong chance that some form of fungus might have developed on your scalp.


Who Can Experience Scalp Fungus?

Generally, children are often affected by Scalp Fungus, however, adults too suffer some form of fungal disease that can affect the scalp. Skin fungi develop easily on the scalp because the ideal conditions for them to develop is warm & humid condition which is under the hair!

Any individual with a weak immunity system or any past injuries to the scalp can develop the fungus and cause it to colonize more quickly.


How Can Scalp Fungus Be Treated?

Scalp Fungus needs to be treated medically and does not heal on its own. While the issues of itchy scalp and redness are caused due to fungi, you might also experience hair loss which can be first noticed as patches of hair loss in the areas of the scalp where infection has concentrated.


Can Scalp Fungus Spread?

Yes! It is highly contagious! There is a strong chance that you might spread it to others unintentionally! Therefore, it’s always important to get it medically treated as soon as possible.


How To Stop Scalp Fungus from Spreading or Causing Hair Loss!

  1. Do not share your combs, hairbrushes, razors, bed linen, caps, scarves, etc.
  2. Boil-wash your bed linen whenever possible. Combs, hairbrushes, and basically anything that goes on your scalp should be regularly disinfected.
  3. All items that go on your scalp should be stored separately and even the surfaces should be disinfected regularly as fungi are very stubborn!
  4. The affected patient should not come in close contact with pets while he or she is infected.
  5. The affected patient should avoid visits to the hairdressers till the infection is fully gone.


How Is Scalp Fungus Hair Loss Treated?

After examining your medical history, your hair & skin samples would be taken. Based on these samples a culture is prepared to fight the fungus that is responsible for your infection. Oral medications are prescribed in most cases.


Does The Hair Grow Back After Recovering from Scalp Fungus?

Hair loss due to scalp fungus is temporary. Once the core issue is treated and your infection is history, your hair growth will resume.

In case you are still experiencing hair loss after recovering fully from scalp fungus then there could be a chance that you might be experiencing hair loss due to other reasons. Regardless of the reason, hair transplant and other hair fall therapies can be a good solution.

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