Steps To Take for Beard Hair loss A Complete Guide

We’ve talked a great deal about hair loss in both men and women on this blog. However, something that isn’t that common and affects men more is beard hair loss or Alopecia Barbae.

This is a condition that causes your beard to lose hair in a random pattern with spots appearing around different areas in an extremely unpredictable fashion, this alone makes it a super hard condition to deal with!


Alopecia Barbae: Circular Hair Loss

Hair loss is known as alopecia and Barbae stands for beard. When your beard hair falls in circular and coin-sized bald spots then it could be due to this condition.

Alopecia Barbae is known to affect the beard on the cheeks, chin, and even the neck area. Wherever your beard can grow, this type of hair loss can occur. Beard Hair Loss or Alopecia Barbae is a form of alopecia areata which we’ve discussed before on our blog as well.


Causes of Alopecia Barbae or Beard Hair Loss

The occurrence of circular hairless holes in a beard is based on an autoimmune event and the causes for the same aren’t fully clear yet. In the areas that are affected by this condition, the immune cells affect the hair follicles directly which causes inflammation and weakening, this eventually leads to the beard growth of the area halting completely.

As per the information that is available currently, a certain degree of genetics are involved, beard hair loss is a lot more likely in case others in your family have experienced the same in the past. Apart from the genetic factors, external influences like emotional stress, malnutrition, side effects due to unrelated medicines may also cause this condition to occur.


What To Do In Case You Start Experiencing Beard Hair Loss Suddenly?

Since the exact causes are largely unknown, there is always a need to take prompt action in case coin size patches start appearing all of a sudden. Simple plucking tests are enough for your doctor to diagnose this condition.


What Are The Treatment Options for Beard Hair Loss?

Generally, beard hair loss sufferers experience spontaneous healing as well, this causes the destructive immune cells to stop their activity and eventually leads to the beard-growing back.

In case the above scenario does not play out in your case, then the only solution is a beard hair transplant which can fill up the bald spots with natural hair. This treatment option for beard hair loss is quickly becoming the go-to solution for alopecia barbae.

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