The Most Popular Myths Around Hair Loss

The Most Popular Myths Around Hair Loss


We’ve talked about Hair Loss, its types, and its reason in great depth before. Today let us talk about the Hair Loss myths that have become really popular! It’s myth-busting time!


Myth Number 1: Hair Thinning Only Occurs as We Age!


Fact: Nope, although age is one factor that contributes to hair thinning, it isn’t the ONLY factor, there are way too many factors more that can cause Hair Thinning. In fact, post the pandemic times, hair fall & hair thinning have become increasingly common in people who are in their twenties!


Myth Number 2: Wearing Caps & Hats Causes One to Lose Hair!


Fact: This is an old myth; however, this too is false. What this myth states is that the scalp doesn’t get as much oxygen as it should when you have a hat or a cap on and this is the reason why you may lose hair. The truth is that your scalp doesn’t have its own nostrils! Oxygen is administered into the scalp via the bloodstream so it’s not possible for your scalp to not receive it when there is a cap or a hat on! On to the next one.


Myth Number 3: If Your Parents Suffered Hair Loss Then You Will Too!


Fact: See, hair loss can be due to genetics, and we have discussed this in detail before as well, but it’s never limited to JUST your parents. In fact, even if your extended family is included in the hair loss due to genetics idea, however, it’s important to note that it is not a given that you would lose hair if the genetics idea were not on your side.


Myth Number 4: Washing Hair Daily Results in Hair Loss!


Fact: This myth has become this popular only because people visibly see their hair falling out when they are in the shower. The amount of hair you lose daily is not dependant on how many times you shampoo in a week, so this myth is not true as well.


Myth Number 5: Women Are Immune to Genetic Hair Loss!


Fact: We’ve discussed hair thinning in women & we already know that the core concepts of hair loss and hair fall remain the same for both men and women, so this myth is not true as well!


Myth Number 6: Sunlight Causes Hair Loss!


Fact: Another popular myth that is false. Your hair acts as a shield to protect your scalp from direct sunlight. Being in the sun doesn’t cause Hair Loss!


Myth Number 7: Dandruff Can Cause Hair Loss!


Fact: This is a popular misconception. Presence of Dandruff makes your head itchy & constantly scratching the head can lead to hair falling out. So scratching is what causes the hair to fall out and not the dandruff!

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