Treating & Styling Your Hair After Getting a Hair Transplant

Treating & Styling Your Hair After Getting a Hair Transplant

After you get a Hair Transplant, one thing that you feel like doing instantly is to play around with your new hairstyle and experiment with looks! 

It is generally advised to wait for a few weeks before you start styling your hair with products. Once you give your hair that time, then you’ll be able to adopt any style that you had previously only dreamed about!


Shampooing Your Hair


Shampooing your hair has to be avoided for at least two days after getting a Hair Transplant. This is because even the most gentle and sensitive type of Shampoos can irritate the scalp and the grafts. This irritation can hamper the healing process and your focus after getting a Hair Transplant should be to aid the healing as much as you can.

After the duration prescribed by the surgeon has passed, you may use a mild formula product like baby shampoo with no additives for the first two weeks.

In case an anti-dandruff shampoo needs to be used then it should only be used after consulting with your surgeon.


Drying The Hair


For the first week after the surgery, let the hair dry naturally. Most surgeons suggest waiting for at least 3 weeks before using the dryer. The graft area of the scalp usually feels numb after the procedure, due to this, you may not feel the heat on your scalp, hence using a dryer might damage the hair follicles as they heal.

Whenever you start using a hairdryer, use it only on a low setting for the initial phase.


Hair Cuts & Styling


It takes several months for the new hair to be evident, as it grows you might feel like changing the style of your hair, after all, this is why you got a Hair Transplant in the first place! After a while, you may use gel, mousse, or hairspray to hold your style in place.

In terms of getting a Hair Cut, it is not recommended to opt for a drastically short look immediately. As the hair grows, you can change the style and get it chopped to see what suits it best.


What Type of Hairstyle Should I Choose?


Any style you want! That’s the simple answer, and this is also why you got a Hair Transplant in the first place! As already stated, keeping a shorter style might be tempting at first, however, remember that the natural hair and donor hair length is the same so you can experiment with long length styles freely!

As your hair grows longer it gives a lot denser look, and regardless of what type of style you finalize, it’s important to remember that it takes up to a year for the hair transplant to fully show its effect. So it’s best to let that period pass and then finalize a style that you would keep for the time to come!

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