What Blood Tests Do You Need To Undergo Before a Hair Transplant & Why?

What Blood Tests Do You Need to Undergo Before a Hair Transplant & Why?

One common query that Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Gaurav Solanki gets at Cult Aesthetics is that what all blood tests do I need before undergoing the Hair Transplant procedure, and more importantly, why do I need to get the tests done in the first place!

In this article, Dr. Gaurav will answer just that, so let’s get started.

Hair Transplant is widely regarded as a cosmetic procedure. Since the core objective of the procedure is to enhance your appearance and make your hair look natural & wavy! However, the reality is that despite Hair Transplant is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery, complications could still occur. This is also why it is mandatory to undergo certain pre-operative procedures before the actual procedure takes place.

The pre-operative procedures mostly consist of a health screening. A medical check-up before the Hair Transplant ensures that you are eligible to get one! As we’ve stated before, Hair Transplant is an elective procedure so to make sure you are ticking all the boxes, a medical check-up is required.


Pre-Operative Health Screening for Hair Transplant

Once you’ve made up your mind to undergo a Hair Transplant, you would be asked to fill a questionnaire that verifies if you suffer from any chronic health conditions or not. These conditions could be diabetes, high blood pressure & heart-related diseases. Please do note that patients with high blood pressure and even diabetes can undergo a Hair Transplant! However, it’s important to keep a good control on the respective conditions before heading in for the Hair Transplant procedure and this screening ensures just that.


What If I Don’t Want to Share My Pre-Existing Medical Conditions?

Please understand that these tests are done for your benefit only. In case you have pre-existing conditions that you aren’t aware of then not only will this make the procedure dangerous, but the results might also be impacted, and harmful side effects could be there. So, it’s important, to be honest about your pre-existing medical conditions. Also, most reputed clinics would not even perform the procedure un till the tests have been done and your current health has been fully verified.


What If I Am Not Aware of My Pre-Existing Medical Conditions?

Do not worry, whatever tests are required before the Hair transplant, are required regardless of your awareness about your conditions. So, in case you weren’t aware of some condition that you might be having, you’d be made aware of the same after the tests are done, and not only this, but we’d also work towards controlling the condition to make sure that you are still on course to a healthy Hair Transplant journey as long as you are ticking all the boxes required for the surgery to be performed. 


Blood Tests Required for Hair Transplant:

  1. Blood Glucose Test: A HBA1C or Blood Sugar test is conducted to check if the patient has diabetes or not. If the sugar levels are high, then you’d be redirected to a physician who would help you in getting your sugar levels under control before the Hair Transplant procedure takes place.
  2. HIV Test: HIV is a virus that attacks the body’s immunity system while weakening the ability to fight infections. It is a common test done before Hair Transplant. 
  3. Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C Tests: These are several viral infections that affect the liver and are also transmittable. To make sure that the patient isn’t Hepatitis B or C Positive, the tests are conducted. 
  4. Coagulation Tests: This test has just one objective and that is to measure the time it takes for the blood to clot in an individual. Since during a Hair Transplant, micro incisions are made on the scalp it’s important to be sure that the patient is not suffering from poor blood clotting. 

Other tests that may also be suggested are Hormone tests, Thyroid profile & Serum iron/ferritin profile. These tests help the surgeon in determining the cause of your Hair Loss.



As you have read through this article, a Hair Transplant is a cosmetic & minimally invasive procedure, still, for your safety, these tests are important to conduct. Moreover, some patients can also not be unsuitable for a Hair Transplant. This call is taken by the Surgeon keeping your own safety in mind.

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