What Causes Swelling After Hair Transplantation?

What Causes Swelling After Hair Transplantation?

The last few articles on our blog have been more about dealing with minor issues that occur after undergoing Hair Transplant surgery. In this article Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Gaurav Solanki will highlight how swelling can occur in the areas of the scalp, forehead, and eyes after a hair transplant.

Regardless of the modern advancements Hair Transplant still is a big procedure for the scalp. Swelling of the scalp after a Hair Transplant procedure is very common and near about every patient experiences this. In some cases, the swelling might occur immediately while in others it might take some time to kick in. 


Why Does Swelling Occur After a Hair Transplant?


Reason Number 1: The Serum

Hair Transplant is a procedure that requires some space between the scalp and the skull in the region of the hair transplant. Due to this requirement, a special serum is injected into the scalp during the procedure. The gap is created so that hair follicles are transplanted very comfortably by the surgeon.


The serum is also responsible for oedema and swelling in the scalp area which is usually based on the amount of serum that was injected for the patient. Once the patient is done with the procedure and has begun walking around then due to gravity, the serum is forced down the scalp to settle in the eye areas, this is also why an experienced Hair Transplant Surgeon would always advise you to not bend the head forward for a few days after the procedure. In case you do not follow this guideline then the swelling can extend to the temple area as well.


Reason Number 2: Anaesthesia

Anaesthesia is directly injected into the scalp region before a Hair Transplant procedure is initiated, in many patients, this injected anaesthesia can also be a reason for swelling. However, the drugs used, and the anaesthesia process can impact everyone very differently.


Reason Number 3: The Procedure Itself

Hair transplant is a process that works by opening many micro-channels in your scalp. The process might look simple at the surface level however it’s a surgery that requires very good surgical skills and if your surgeon isn’t cautious or is just overall inexperienced then the swelling due to the procedure itself can be a lot more than what it usually is for most patients.

Also, after the procedure, your body is always in a rush to repair the area and the impact, this is the perfectly normal healing process due to which swelling can also occur.


For How Long Will I Experience Swelling After a Hair Transplant?


One thing is certain, swelling cannot be completely avoided. It is there in every case however the level at which it is present can greatly vary. Generally, the swelling can be experienced for a period of 3-5 days after the procedure. However, this timeline can greatly vary as the natural response to many things and the healing process itself greatly varies from person to person.

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