What Dandruff on Your Scalp Is Trying To Tell You

We’ve all experienced dandruff at one point or the other. However, we have never wondered about what the presence of dandruff indicates.

Having dandruff has many negatives, right from not being able to wear your favourite clothes to your favourite hairstyles, the restrictions can slowly add up and dampen the overall confidence. Dealing with dandruff is hard but not impossible, today Dr. Gaurav will guide you on the same. So today let’s talk about what causes dandruff. 


The Causes of Dandruff

Just how skin cells on the rest of our body are being constantly replaced with new cells as covered by Dr. Jaspreet on our Derma Blog in her latest article on exfoliation, dandruff on your head revolves around the process of dead cells being shed off as well. It becomes a lot worse when the speed of the skin cells on the scalp becomes a lot faster which leads to problems like flaking, build-up, and dandruff.  Not let us discuss the most common causes of dandruff.

  1. Dry Scalp: This is easily the number 1 reason why dandruff exists for some people. When the scalp is dry, it’s not getting enough moisture and as a result, the skin gets irritated and begins to flake off, ultimately leading to dandruff. Why a scalp may be dry can be due to several reasons from cold weather to old age and even negative reactions to certain hair products that you might be using in your routine.
  2. Diet/Lifestyle: We have already discussed in the various articles we’ve covered on this blog how diet and nutritional deficiencies can impact the various aspects of hair growth and pretty much everything related to your hair. Dandruff is no different, for example, a diet that is high is sugar triggers insulin spikes and this leads to overproduction of oil that can cause dandruff.
  3. Oily Scalp: Just how oily skin leads to acne breakouts; scalp can react when the oil glands are into hyperdrive. Mostly the scalp can be naturally oily due to several factors like genes, hormonal imbalances & even pregnancy, or menopause.
  4. Not Washing Your Hair: Depending on the hair type, it is important to wash your hair at least 3 times a week. The longer you go without washing your hair, the more time you give to oil & dirt to irritate your scalp and cause dandruff as the result.
  5. Scalp That is Sensitive Towards Certain Products: Just how your stomach is sensitive towards certain foods, your scalp is sensitive towards certain products as well! Everyone is different and every product can trigger a different kind of reaction. Knowing what product is triggering your dandruff is literally half the battle won.
  6. Skin Conditions: Certain skin conditions can cause excess dandruff, in this case, your best bet is to get in touch with your dermatologist and figure out if there is an underlying skin condition or not.

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