Why Winter Season Is Preferred By Patients for their Hair Transplant

Why Winter Season Is Preferred by Patients for their Hair Transplant

In case you’ve been following our YouTube channel for more than a couple of years, then you’d notice a pattern. Dr. Gaurav’s case study videos aren’t churned out as often as they throughout the rest of the year, only because he hardly gets the time to make them!

It’s a known fact that in India majority of the patients prefer to get their Hair Transplant during the Nov-Jan period. Let us try to find out why!

We’ve discussed on our blog how Hair Transplant can have the same levels of success regardless of what season it is performed in, be it the summers or the winters. So scientifically, no season is better than the other. However, some phases of rehab and other social elements can make winter a bit more preferred season for Hair transplant. Let’s break them down.


A Discreet Recovery

Hair Transplant can take at least 6 full months to show its full results. During the winters, patients like the concept of getting the Hair Transplant done in the Holidays, be it the Diwali holidays or the near year holidays. The fact is, that after the hair transplant, you wouldn’t have any hair on the head so this phase is something that most patients prefer going through in their homes and this can only be done if you have the luxury of spending time at home, which is the holiday period.


The Magic of Winter Clothing & Winter Caps!

Of course, the previous point sort of ties into this. It’s just so easy and comfortable to pop out a beanie cap after your Hair Transplant and blaze through the winter season without anyone ever knowing that you underwent a Hair Transplant!

Of course, getting a Hair Transplant is not something that you have to make sure no one knows of, but most people prefer to keep it discreet while some really don’t care and even give amazing video testimonials for the surgeons who’ve worked so hard for them just how Mr. Amit did for Dr. Gaurav in this wonderful video testimonial.


A Bit Easier Rehab

This point is minor. When you get a hair transplant, you’re told to not keep the scalp sweaty and make sure it’s clean for most of the time. This point can be trickier in the summers due to the heat which causes more bacteria and overall, a lot sweatier scalp. Due to these points, you must clean the scalp a lot more often than you would in case you had gone for your hair transplant in the winter.


We Are Naturally More Indoors in The Winters

Naturally, we all go out a lot more in the summer months, while in the winter months. When the cold season is at its peak, most of us prefer staying indoors. Staying indoors is one thing that naturally falls in line with the recovery phase. Also, most people like the fact that if they get their hair transplant done in the winters then the results will fully show by the time summer comes, which means that all the activities and vacations they’ve planned for the summer would be with the version of themselves that they’ve always dreamed of, i.e., the version with their dream hair!

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