Connection Between Balding and Testosterone

Connection Between Balding & Testosterone

This is a follow-up to our Hair Loss & Stress article, where we had explained the main types of Hair Loss and the reasons why each type of hair loss occurs.

Hair loss always has been a touchy topic, it’s generally linked to near about everything. There are countless myths doing rounds about testosterone and balding so it’s a topic that has often been misunderstood. Generally, the saying dictates that if you have more testosterone then you’d have less hair. This relationship is quite the complex one, let’s discuss it!


Do Bald Guys Have More Testosterone?

As per the myth, bald guys are bald because they have steep testosterone levels. You think of this myth and names like The Rock, Vin Diesel would pop since they are often considered to be ultra-masculine men!

The fact however is that many bald guys have low testosterone levels while many guys with just the perfect hair have high testosterone levels. Male Pattern Baldness comes down to how sensitive your hair follicles are to the effects of hormones which is completely genetic!


The Relationship Between Testosterone & Baldness

The genetic components of balding don’t have much to do with having more testosterone. It’s all about having hair follicles that are more sensitive to the effects of DHT and this is both in men and women.


What Is DHT or Dihydrotestosterone?

DHT or dihydrotestosterone is an androgenic hormone that harms the dermal papilla (a layer of skin on your scalp). This shrinks down hair follicles and renders them unable to support hair growth.


Is Hair Transplant Effective for Hair Loss Caused Due to Genetics?

Genetic hair loss is a pure lucky draw, and this is a fact. Hair Transplant works by taking hair from the donor area and transplanting it into the area where you are balding. One thing that might relive you is that generally, hair on the sides and back is resistant to the effects of DHT. Therefore, reversing genetic balding is also possible by the virtue of an effective and tailor-made Hair Transplant line of treatment for you!

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