The Complete History of Male Pattern Baldness

The Complete History of Male Pattern Baldness

What Is Male Pattern Baldness?


A type of hair loss that primarily affects the front and the top of the scalp in men. This type of hair loss usually plays out as a receding front hairline or even loss of hair on the vertex of the scalp. In contrast, a female-pattern hair loss usually plays out as thinning of hair across the scalp.


A Brief History of Male Pattern Baldness & Its Causes


Male pattern baldness is something that presently affects approximately 20% of men in their 20s and up to 40% of men in their 40s and so on. It’s safe to say that men who have a thick head of hair in their middle years are actually in the minority!

Reasons for hair loss and going bald have been discussed several times before. However, in today’s age, premature baldness is also often linked with social anxiety, stress, depression, and several other factors.

There are more causes of Hair Loss in general and we’ve covered them all in this article.


What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Male Pattern Baldness?


In the majority of the cases, a receding hairline is the starting point. In this, the hair from the front and sides of the head starts moving backward. The problem progressively gets worse if it’s ignored for too long and eventually, Hair Transplant becomes the only solution, while when action is taken in time a lot of advanced hair fall therapies exist that can really help.



The Permanent Solution to Male Pattern Baldness


Up until fairly recently, the only thing that men had to counter this were actually age-old tales and tricks that have never really worked, thankfully in 2021, men are actually spoilt with choices! Right from advanced hair fall solutions like GFC to cutting edge Hair Transplant techniques. There really is no longer a need to remain silent about this problem and do nothing about it, especially when it gets in your way and how you conduct your life!

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