Creatine & Hair Loss

Creatine & Hair Loss

Creatine leading to hair loss is a notion that is quite popular! But is it true? Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Gaurav Solanki dives deep into this conversation and elaborates on all the aspects of this idea.

Creatine is known to affect the DHT hormone levels that can lead to hair loss. We’ve covered the topic of DHT hormone levels extensively on this blog before, you may check it all in our Connection Between Balding & Testosterone article.


The Role of Creatine & How Its Produced

Creatine is naturally produced by the kidneys, pancreas, and the liver. It places an important role in our body by being a crucial energy source for the cells. Creatine can be obtained through diet as well by consuming food like fish and red meat, for an all-vegan diet, the physician might recommend supplements if the natural levels are low.

Creatine works by breaking down and is used as a form of energy during physical activities that require any form of muscle contractions.


The Many Benefits of Creatine include the following:


  1. Increased Energy Levels
  2. Increased Muscle Growth
  3. Increased Memory
  4. Performance Enhancement


The Side Effects of Creatine can include the following:


  1. Water Retention: Consuming too much creatine can cause excessive water retention in the body. This water retention can lead to other problems like cramps & dehydration. However, these are the popular concerns that aren’t really backed up by any scientific data as of date.
  2. Kidney-related Issues: If the levels remain constantly high then you might be a lot more susceptible to kidney damage. This is exactly why supplements should be avoided for people with underlying kidney issues and just overall it is always a good practice to begin the supplement use of anything only after your physician has fully examined your body levels & condition.
  3. Safety: Generally, for adults, consuming it in the appropriate amount is largely considered to be safe and ethical however for adolescents it should only be consumed after the guidance of a physician. Ingesting it in the form of your regular diet is best for this age bracket.


Creatine & Hair Loss

Now that we know all about creatine, its benefits and side effects as well. Let us discuss what role does it play in the world of Hair Loss.

When it comes to strictly speaking of scientific data, there isn’t any data to suggest that creatine can lead to Hair Loss. This entire concept has emerged due to the personal experiences of people who have been taking it in supplement form.


Creatine & DHT Levels

Now, even though we’ve established that creatine doesn’t directly Hair Loss, or at least there is no data to back up this claim. However, creatine is known to increase the DHT Hormone levels which basically affects the enzyme that alters testosterone to DHT, and this CAN CAUSE HAIR LOSS for some individuals.

As we had already established in our Hair Loss & DHT Levels article. As always, this high creatine level leading to hair loss can only affect certain individuals, especially those for whom DHT Levels work against the hair growth and cause Hair Loss! So, it’s always best to decide with your doctor on the ideal route you individually should be taking!



If the use of creatine supplementation is causing hair loss in your case indirectly then you may consult Dr. Gaurav Solanki for your hair loss. You may do that by calling us on +91-9990449555.

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