Does A Hair Transplant Hurt?

Does A Hair Transplant Hurt?

If you have researched Hair Transplant, we are sure that you might have come across images where patients can be seen with sore-looking hairlines covered with red dots. This looks raw and painful and maybe has also stopped you from considering a hair transplant.

However, today we will try to put some clarity out there regarding the pain one might experience in the process of getting a Hair Transplant surgery done.

First things first, everyone tolerates pain differently. This is the ultimate truth when it comes to this topic, however, to give you a better perspective and more idea on what to expect in your Hair Transplant journey, Dr. Gaurav from Cult Aesthetics by Enhance has put together a mini guide.

How Much Pain Will I Have to Endure DURING My Hair Transplant Journey?

First let us understand the basic procedure. Hair transplant involves the process of hair follicles being extracted from a donor area and then be transplanted to the balding areas. We have already talked about the 2 Types of Hair Transplant Surgeries previously and we understand that regardless of your procedure choice the entire process can look extremely delicate, labour-intensive, and raw.

However, the pleasant reality is that the surgery itself does not hurt at all, mostly due to the fact that the use of local anaesthesia makes sure that the scalp is numb. This numbness might feel slightly uncomfortable at first but once the area is fully numb, no pain is felt, at all. This might slightly vary from patient to patient, but every good Hair Transplant Surgeon tries his or her best to make the procedure as comfortable for the patient as possible.

How Much Pain Will I Have to Endure AFTER My Hair Transplant Journey?

The pain felt after a Hair Transplant surgery varies a lot, some people only experience soreness for a day or two while others feel slight discomfort for up to a week. As a thumb rule, it is safe to assume that the more grafts you have, the longer it will take to heal so the experience of discomfort can be in relation to that.

In the majority of cases, redness only lasts up to a maximum of 2 weeks post-surgery. In case the redness is experienced for a longer period of time then it is suggested that the patient gets in touch with their surgeon as soon as possible for any underlying issue that could be causing the extended discomfort.

Also, this aspect also varies on the choice of technique used for the hair transplant by the surgeon. In FUE transplant, tiny marks can be seen in the donor area where the individual hair follicles have been extracted from. In this type of Hair Transplant, there is no pain or discomfort for the most part in the donor area, even in the recovery phase.

However, in case FUT transplant technique is used by the surgeon then due to the more invasive nature of the technique, some pain can be felt in the donor area during the recovery process. In this technique literally an area of the scalp is removed and stitched together so some pain in the recovery period is expected, while the area heals over time. This recovery process is also made extremely comfortable for the patient by a skilled surgeon with the use of correct antibiotics, painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs for a few days post the surgery.

The Conclusion

A Hair Transplant surgery might not be 100% pain or free of discomfort, but it remains the only permanent way to restore the hair back to its original glory and this huge positive far outweighs the discomfort experienced in the entire Hair Transplant journey. At Cult Aesthetics by Enhance, Dr. Gaurav would love to talk to you about any concerns that you might have before going for a Hair Transplant Journey. You may directly call him at +91-9990449555

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