The Two Types Of Hair Transplant: FUT & FUE

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Before I tell you everything you need to know about the 2 most popular types of hair transplant, let me elaborate what they exactly stand for. FUT Transplant stands for Follicular Unit Transplant and FUE stands for Follicular Unit Excision. How they are exactly performed by the surgeon has already been demonstrated by me in the above video.


Hair Transplant Procedure

FUT is also known as Strip while FUE is often marketed with the terms like BIO FUE/ Robotic HT, although the process of FUE remains largely the same.

In terms of the medical technicalities, the biggest difference between the 2 types of Hair Transplant is that FUT Hair Transplant allows the surgeon to work on many more grafts at a single time. Hence, the natural preference for major Hair Transplant cases (Grade 6 to Grade 7) is either FUT or a combination of FUT & FUE both is preferred (also known as a Mega Hair Transplant). While for lighter cases like Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, and sometimes even for Grade 4 cases, FUE hair transplant can be opted.


Stages Of Baldness

In terms of the preparation for the surgery, there is just a single difference between both the 2 types of hair transplants. The difference being that in FUE, shaving off the head before the transplant is a mandatory prerequisite while in the case of FUT, shaving off the head is not a mandatory prerequisite in most cases. Shaving off the head is also required in cases where FUT & FUE combination (Mega Hair Transplant) is done.

In terms of the results achieved, the major difference lies in the fact that FUE transplant does not leave a scar like the way FUT hair transplant does, this is also the reason why FUE hair transplant is often marketed as stitch-less or scar-less hair transplant. Although these are mostly marketing gimmicks as even FUT hair transplant scar is barely visible when trichophytic closure is done where hairs grow from the stitch line, this process is the standard process I follow at Cult Aesthetics. Also, even though FUE is marketed as a stitch-less or scar-less Hair Transplant procedure, the reality is that even FUE leaves scars that are in the form of white dots spread over the entire donor area at the back of the head.

The bottom line is that Both FUT and FUE scars are NOT visible generally and are only visible if and when the donor area is completely clean-shaven, hence I have always believed that the scar debate should not be the criteria to choose between the technique for hair transplant. Since there is a major chunk of clinics out there who only do FUE and not FUE, they market FUE under a robotic, bio or under some other advanced terminology gimmick to make it sound like a modern procedure when the harsh reality is that they’re simply incapable to perform both types of Hair Transplant. My team and I at Cult Aesthetics are capable of both FUT & FUE Hair transplants and hence we never advise a type of technique until we have completely examined the case at hand.

The relieving common element between both types of Hair Transplants is that virtually no pain is felt during the surgery. There are more things common such as the post-operative experience, even though again generally it has become a market trend to favor FUE over FUT but in my 7 years of experience, in which I have even worked with Dr. Manoj Khanna who is counted amongst the best plastic surgeons in the world, I have NEVER seen any difference in the post-operative experience between FUT and FUE. In both cases, the patient can go back to work the very next day after surgery.



Why do Follicular Units have a better survival rate in FUT Hair Transplant? Well when it comes to Follicular Unit survival rates, FUT Hair transplant has a good 90%-95% follicular unit survival Rate while FUE Hair Transplant’s Follicular Unit survival rate hovers around the 70%-80% mark. This does not mean that FUT Hair Transplant is better for every case out there, this difference in the statistics could also be attributed to the fact that patients generally tend to opt for an FUE Hair Transplant even when their requirement is clearly of a FUT or a FUT/FUE combination hair transplant (Mega Hair Transplant) this choice eventually leads to a failed hair transplant or repeat hair transplants. Think of it this way, your Hair Transplant surgeon would tell you once that FUT is the preferred type for you, maybe twice but after that surgeons leave the final decision making to the patient.

What to prefer FUT or FUE? Well, just like how the same clothing won’t fit everyone, the same Hair Transplant choice won’t fit everyone as well. It is essential to tailor-make a treatment plan as per the case at hand after factoring in multiple elements like the preference of the patient, the severity of the case, and the results desired. Going into your 1st Hair transplant consultation with a preference already in mind is not something we at Cult Aesthetics suggest, we advise you to go in with a blank mind and let the surgeon first grade your case and lay down all the treatment options to you, only then should you be deciding what kind of Hair Transplant would you go for as ultimately this final choice would always remain in your hands.

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