The Basics Of Hair Transplant Everyone Must Know

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I have elaborated the 2 types of Hair Transplant before, now let me talk about the absolute basics of Hair Transplant in general. These basics are valid for each type of hair transplant.

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The first question that pops in everyone’s head when it comes to Hair Transplant is that who is a good candidate for a Hair Transplant procedure? The answer to this is short and simple, as long as you have enough Healthy Hair on your scalp that can be transplanted to an area that needs hair, you are a perfect candidate.

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Another basic thing you need to know is the reason for your own Hair Loss. As reasons for Hair Loss vary drastically and so do the treatment options, hence, to chart out the best line of treatment for your case, your surgeon would need to know the reason behind your hair loss. This can easily be known with a genetic history and medical history at the time of the first consultation along with a blood test. Knowing the reason for Hair Loss is the key for your surgeon in diagnosing if the desired results are achievable in your case or not.

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Coming to the duration of the actual procedure, Hair Transplant generally takes four to six hours, it is a 1-day procedure and the patient is discharged on the day of surgery itself. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia after applying ample amounts of numbing creams or vibrators to make sure that the entire process is virtually painless for you. Patients can also watch TV or use their mobile phones during the transplant with absolute comfort.

What happens before the Hair Transplant? Most of the hair transplants start early morning and patients are asked to have breakfast and come, wearing loose & comfortable clothing with a front open shirt is advised. First, your scalp is prepared for surgery by the technicians. Then, allergy tests with local anesthesia are done along with the use of some mild sedatives to keep you comfortable during the procedure. Finally, the hair is trimmed if required as per the case and the patient is eventually taken into the OT.

After the procedure, the patient can go back on his own, self-driving or wearing of helmet is not advised. A Cab or any other public transport like bus, flights, trains can be taken. There is a band placed on the head of the patient (much like what the tennis players wear). This band stays for 3 days and after 3 days the band is removed. For the removal process one can either come to the clinic or simply remove the band on their own at home with the help of instructions & videos given by us.

In how much time would the patient see the desired results? Generally speaking, no matter what type of Hair Transplant one opts for, at least 6 to 9 months are required for the results to take their final form, for some cases this might extend to 12 months.

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 How are the results retained? Medications prescribed by your surgeon are crucial in retaining the results achieved. Since the cause of Hair Loss & the line of treatment, both are different for each case, the medications are different as well.

Are the results truly permanent? Yes, they are! If the right type of line of treatment was made for you and the correct choice of medications are prescribed for the purpose of retaining the results, then there is simply no reason why your hair would not continue to grow.

What are the precautions to be taken after a Hair Transplant? We have covered that in another article.

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