The Post-Operative Care Experience After A Successful Hair Transplant

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Now that I have told you about the basics of hair transplant & the types of hair transplant both. Let us talk about the Post-operative Care required after a successful Hair Transplant surgery.


All the precautionary measures to be taken after a successful Hair Transplant can be summarized in a few Do’s & Don’ts

As you can see in the video above, alcohol, heavy lifting, going to the gym, and swimming are the strict Don’ts for the first 21 days after a successful hair transplant.

So that is about the Do’s & Don’ts, but there is more to a healthy post-operative care than the aforementioned chart. Let us discuss all that now.


 For starters the band that was placed Immediately after the surgery doesn’t have to be removed for 3 full days after the surgery. It can only be removed on the 4th day and for the process of band removal the patient may either come to the clinic or simply cut the band himself/herself at home with the help of a pair of scissors. An instructional video to aid in this process would be shown to the patient as well.

My team and I will provide saline drops that can be applied every 2 hours for the next 24 hours after the transplant. I have elaborated on the process of applying these saline drops in the video above.

For the first 5 to 7 days after the Hair Transplant, antibiotics, pain killers & multivitamins that we prescribed after the surgery need to be taken in order to avoid any infection. This does not mean that you cannot go to work during this time frame, you may go to work from the very next day after surgery too and if you don’t want the world to know about your hair transplant then you may opt to wear a cap, a smart way to wear the cap will also be told to you.

Below are also some general instructions that are valid for 90% of the patients but might vary slightly for some cases where the patient already has underlying medical conditions such as high blood pressure or is diabetic. In such cases the instructions and the variations would be specified post-surgery itself.

Head Washing: During the first 2 days one should NOT wash the head. Your first head wash can be on the 3rd day of the surgery but the shampoo should be delicate and should not be rubbed while washing your hair. For the 4th – 7th day this process would remain the same and the pressure applied while shampooing as to be extremely gentle. This pressure can be very gradually increased over time from the 8th day onwards. An antibacterial ointment would also be prescribed to you that should be applied to the donor area after the head wash twice daily. You would also have to apply minoxidil lotion twice daily when you was your head, it is important to wash your head daily before going to bed. In the article video I have also demonstrated how to apply minoxidil.

On the 5th Day after the surgery a white layer would start getting developed, this is only due to the dryness of minoxidil and this white layer goes on its own when you start gradually increasing the pressure at which you wash your head (10th Day onwards). So do not worry about this white layer at all.

Sleeping: Preferred sleeping position for the first 5 to 7 days should be a straight position where a small towel is rolled and kept below the neck.

Food: There are no restrictions diet-wise for most cases, a high protein diet is preferred. 

That is pretty much all Post-Operative Care plan information that’s essential to know before you make up your mind for a Hair Transplant with us. Be sure to check out other articles on my blog, I’ve previously compared the 2 types of Hair Transplant and I have also mentioned all the Hair Transplant basics that one should know BEFORE going in for a Hair Transplant.

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