For How Long Do The Hair Transplant Results Last?

For How Long Do The Hair Transplant Results Last?


This one is going to be quite short! Because the answer is very definitive and not at all blurry!

Hair Transplant, when done by an experienced surgeon using the correct technique can produce results that can quite easily last a lifetime!

This answer is also backed by solid data, the American Academy of Dermatology has confirmed that you can have healthy & permanent hair growth after getting a Hair Transplant.

If you are young, old, make, female, at the stage of hair thinning or balding, it does not matter when we talk about the longevity of the results achieved.


If The Results Are Permanent, Then Why Do Some People Undergo Hair Transplant Twice?


There are 2 versions to this question. In case the first Hair Transplant failed then a 2nd Hair Transplant is opted for, and the other version is when the person willingly wants to go for multiple procedures to increase the hair density further!

For the failed hair transplant part, be sure to follow the tips left on this blog by Dr. Gaurav that will come in handy when you are on the hunt to finalize your hair transplant surgeon and clinic.

In case you are planning to get your hair transplant for the first time or have already had one which failed then you may book a consultation by calling us on +91-9990449555.

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