Hair Loss and Self Esteem

Hair Loss & Self Esteem

It’s the year 2021, the problem of any physical issue or attribute causing you to have low self-esteem is something that can be easily gotten rid of. 

With so many advancements in the cosmetic surgery space, it’s not wrong to think that you can look exactly the way you wish to look for as long as you have the desire to achieve the same. We no longer must “live with” the problems that bother us on a daily basis. In this article, Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Gaurav dives deep into the conversation of Hair Fall being behind the cause of low self-esteem.


Can Hair Loss Affect Self-Esteem?

We are living in a world where hair is often associated with beauty and vitality. People with thinning or balding hair are often thought of as much older than they really are. This is because balding is something that regardless of what culture you belong to, is only associated with aging.

All of this can impact how a person is perceived or how you feel in your life, be it personal or work life. Losing hair prematurely is something that can have a greatly negative impact on the self-esteem, especially when circumstances you face in life make you more aware or conscious of your thinning hair.


Hair Loss, Stress & The Self Esteem!

Dr. Gaurav has previously explained the relationship between Hair loss & Stress in this article. In that article, we had concluded that Stress can be one of the biggest causes of Hair Loss. Now, in that article, we had also concluded that stressing over hair loss can cause even more hair loss! This cycle can be especially vicious if hair loss or hair thinning is already hurting your self-esteem due to which you are taking a lot of stress.


How To Break Away from The Cycle of Stress, Hair Loss, and a Low Self-esteem?

The answer to this is simple, seek professional help. We are living in a day and age that we are spoilt for choices even when it comes to the management of Hair Loss. Right from super-advanced hair fall therapies like GFC or reliable and time-tested ones like PRP, you have no reason to live with hair loss or let it get worse when you can, counter it very easily!

In case, you passed the stage of balding where hair fall therapies would not do you any good then either a hair transplant (a process where hair from the good regions of your scalp is transplanted to the balding areas) or a combination of hair transplant with hair fall therapies might be recommended to you.


Should I Go for a Hair Loss Therapy First or Get a Hair Transplant Directly?

This is not for you to decide! Let your surgeon take the call. All you must make sure of is finalizing the right clinic and the right surgeon. If you have done that, then leave the rest to the surgeon and the clinic.

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