Hair Transplant for Diabetic Patients

Hair Transplant for Diabetic Patients

Dr. Gaurav has previously mentioned the Blood Tests needed to be done before a Hair Transplant. In that article, we had also highlighted the importance of HBA1C in Hair Transplant, we had also concluded that sugar levels need to be controlled before the Hair Transplant procedure takes place. In this article, let’s dive a bit deeper into that conversation.


Diabetes and Its Types

The condition of diabetes is characterized by an excessive amount of sugar in the blood. Diabetes can be of 2 types; Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes is caused by the immune system not being balanced and attacking insulin-producing cells while Type 2 Diabetes is caused by insufficient production of insulin in the body.


Diabetes & Hair Loss

Due to the uncontrolled spike in blood sugar levels, Hair Loss can be experienced. It’s especially important to note that this statement is not being written for the people who have their blood sugar levels under control (even if they have Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes). Hair loss can occur due to an uncontrolled spike in blood sugar, the keyword being uncontrolled.

When the blood sugar level is poorly controlled, the endocrine system can be affected, due to which most hormones in the body, including the ones responsible for hair growth and follicle health, can be affected.

If the blood sugar levels are brought under control then the Hair Loss due to uncontrolled sugar can be reversed and hair growth and regrowth can be restored to the usual levels!


Type 1 Diabetes & Autoimmune Disease Circulatory Problems

As stated, type 1 diabetes is associated with the malfunction of the immune system. In this condition, the immune system of the body starts attacking the healthy cells. Eventually, this can lead to alopecia areata which can cause hair loss. Patients with Type 1 Diabetes are more likely to experience this condition.


The Conclusion

As stated, the truth is that Diabetic Patients can undergo a hair transplant if their blood sugar levels are under control.

There can be a few exceptions, like in cases where injecting insulin multiple times a day (usually in type 1 diabetes), where Hair Transplant might actually not be recommended! This is because a hair transplant can be a lengthy procedure and blood sugar levels fluctuating dangerously must be avoided. This is only in exceptional cases, while for the majority, Hair Transplant can be a highly recommended way to restore the natural hair.

Also, many patients, primarily due to lack of awareness do not even know that they have high blood sugar levels! OR they wish to not disclose their condition which is simply dangerous and doesn’t work with ethical clinics that make sure that patients’ blood sugar levels are properly tested beforehand.

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