Hair Transplant Surgery Breaking Down All Elements

Hair Transplant Surgery: Breaking Down All Elements Involved

The world of Hair Transplant is quite complex, at Cult Aesthetics, Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Gaurav has just a simple aim of simplifying it all for people struggling with Hair loss, and we do this via this blog. In today’s article, we’d be discussing ALL the elements and their role in a Hair Transplant Journey.


Donor Region

In a hair transplant surgery, the donor region is the region or area of your scalp from where the hair is extracted for transplantation to areas where there is thinning or balding. Also, the transplanted hair will keep the characteristics of the area from which it came due to which the transplanted hair remains unfaceted by the general process of balding and stays on your head for the rest of your life. 


Recipient Area

The area of your scalp that has balding or thinning, this is the region due to which you get a Hair transplant in the first place! The recipient area is the area TO which the hair is transplanted.


Hair Graft

A Hair Graft is a naturally occurring group of hairs, usually 2-4 hairs per group. On average, there are 2 hairs in each graft. Once the graft is removed from the donor region, it is individually prepared for transplantation and at the same time, small incisions are made in the balding/thinning areas of the scalp where the new grafts would be transplanted. Usually, approximately 4,000 hair grafts can be transplanted in a single day’s procedure, and as Dr. Gaurav has already highlighted in one of his latest videos, we usually need 2,000-3,000 hair grafts for patients with moderate hair loss.


Hair Transplant Design

Once the decision to get the Hair Transplant is final, the design of your hairline is formed by the Surgeon. This step is also taken to ensure that the Hair transplant results look natural as that is the number 1 aim that a skilled surgeon would keep in his mind while carving your design. If your transplant doesn’t look natural then it would do no good to you. 


Hair Transplant Procedure

The entire Hair transplant Procedure is carried out during the course of a single day usually and can take anywhere from six to ten hours. Due to the use of anaesthesia, you will not experience any pain. We’ve also discussed pain and hair transplant before. During the process, you may relax or even watch a movie or listen to music! The rehab process is quick with most patients returning to work within a few days.

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