How To Tackle the Much Feared Bald Spot On The Crown?

How To Tackle the Much Feared Bald Spot On The Crown?

For men, not taking care of your hair when you are young is quite literally the most common mistake. At a young age, mostly all men take their great hair for granted, this age group almost rarely cares about the numbered days that the hair scientifically have.

A variety of early signs of balding are usually ignored. With this blog, Dr. Gaurav Solanki aims to change just that! In this article Dr. Gaurav will talk about the signs of a balding crown and what you can do to prevent its spread.


Signs of a Balding Crown


A Balding crown is something that most of us cannot directly spot! As that region of the head isn’t even visible to us. There’s also a chance that you might have someone spot it and tell you about it before you yourself take note of it! For taller men, this also might not occur as the balding crown might not be visible to most of the people they interact with!

So what’s the solution? Well you should actually be looking for other signs of overall balding too, like receding hairline or overall thinning of the hair. If you are experiencing any of these signs then you should be checking your head for any visible balding crown. Also it’s worth noting that hair loss on the vertex of the head is one of the earliest signs of male pattern baldness a topic we’ve discussed in great detail before.


Early Signs of a Male Pattern Baldness and How To Regularly Check Your Growth


Receding hairline as we’ve already stated is the earliest sign of male pattern baldness. However, when you look at yourself in the mirror daily, it’s very hard to actually see the difference and spot the hairline receding on your own. Dr. Gaurav highly recommends that you compare your present hairline with some old pictures of yourself in case you really want to do this yourself. However, as always the best route would be simply walk into a reputed hair fall clinic and consult with a doctor for the same.


How To Tackle the Much Feared Bald Spot On The Crown?


The only action you can take is early treatment and diagnoses. If the bald spot occurs due to male pattern baldness then the best route is to always pot for hair fall therapies when the hair loss isn’t that much.

Dr. Gaurav Solanki has recently uploaded a video on our YouTube channel that talks about PRP and GFC (both excellent hair fall therapies) in great detail. You can watch this video below

Here Are Some of The Results Achieved With Hair Fall Therapies at Cult Aesthetics

Apart from these hair fall therapies and professional help, like using only high quality hair care products and avoiding improper grooming of the hair are also highly suggested. 

In case you are suffering from male pattern baldness or are experiencing early signs of hair loss then you may book a consultation with Dr. Gaurav by calling us at +91-9990449555

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