The Secrets Behind the Pandemic Related Rise of The Hair Transplant Industry

The Secrets Behind the Pandemic Related Rise of The Hair Transplant Industry

It’s no secret that stress can cause a lot of health-related issues for most of us. The relationship between Hair Loss & Stress is something that we’ve discussed on our blog before, and we’ve talked about how all research states that stress causes hair loss. Think of how stressful the last 2 years have been for the world and you’d get a base idea of the point we are trying to make, however, let’s discuss this in detail!


More Cases of Hair Loss Than Ever


Stress causes hair loss. This is why all of a sudden we at Cult Aesthetics are seeing a surge in cases where the patient is his in early 20s! This used to be. A rare occurrence before the pandemic times! Some of such cases have also been highlighted in the results section of our website while Dr. Gaurav has elaborated on the cases in great detail on our YouTube channel.


Secrecy Is Not That Hard To Maintain In Such Times


Since most of the time we all have spent has been in indoors in the past 2 yrs. Patients are using this time away from friends and family to get their Hair Transplant done! Since Hair Transplant can take almost up to an year to show its full results, the early few months are such that some people might prefer spending in secrecy, which in itself has been super easy to do in these pandemic times where you can simply wear a cap after getting a transplant and do all your zoom meetings without anyone ever knowing that you underwent a Hair Transplant Surgery!


Lack of Gatherings, Weddings & Just Overall Social Events


As we all know that your head is completely shaven before the surgery, earlier patients used to think twice before planning the date of the surgery as sometimes they’d wait for an important event or a family wedding to get over before they’d finalize the date for their hair transplant. In the last 2 years the times have been such that weddings have become very minimalistic affairs while social gatherings have been too far and too few to worry about for such audience.


Winters Are Being More Preferred Than Ever


It’s also no secret that patients tend to prefer the winter season for their Hair Transplant the most. This is due to several factors and we’ve discussed this phenomenon on our blog before in great detail. You can read that article here.

It’s no rare occurrence for Dr. Gaurav and the Cult Aesthetics team to do up to 3 cases in a day in such months, watch the video below to know more about how it’s like at Cult Aesthetics during such times!

That’s it for this blog by Dr. Gaurav Solanki, in case you’ve been planning to get a Hair Transplant or need to get your reasons for Hair Loss evaluated then you may book an appointment with Dr. Gaurav Solanki by calling us at +91-9990449555

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