3 Important Signs That Indicate It's Time For a Hair Transplant

3 Important Signs That Indicate It is time for a Hair Transplant

On this blog, we’ve already discussed various Hair Fall Therapies and the Types of Hair Transplant. We’ve also discussed when should you go for Hair Fall therapy and in what cases is Hair Transplant the only recommended solution.  Since Hair Loss solutions cannot fall into the one size fits all ideology, different treatment plans are suggested for different patients depending on their stage of hair loss and the initial causes for the Hair Loss.

In this article, Dr. Gaurav highlights some signs that indicate you might need a Hair Transplant! Of course, professional help should be taken to find out the actual causes for hair loss and to diagnose what treatment plan would work the best for you. However, these signs can be helpful.


Sign Number 1: Noticing a Change in Your Hair Line:

In male pattern baldness, the hair loss typically begins with hair line recession and eventually progresses to only leave a strip of hair at the back and sides of the head.

Stages Of Baldness

Sign Number 2: Thinning on the Crown of the Head

Another predictable sign of permanent hair loss is losing hair directly on the top of your head. This is an area that you yourself might not be able to see clearly. To view this area, either ask for help by letting someone take a picture OR use a handheld mirror and adjust it to view the same.


Sign Number 3: Hair Being Left on Pillows and Shower. Also, Noticing a Difference in Photos!

Hair falling out is part of the natural shedding and hair replacement process, however, if you are seeing a larger amount of hair falling out everywhere all of a sudden then it’s a sign that the hair loss process has begun.

Apart from this, a super reliable way to gauge the difference in your hair line over time is by comparing your own photos over a span of years and seeing the actual changes in your hairline progression. When you look for changes every day in the mirror, no change feels as prominent as the male pattern baldness cycle can also play out slowly over a period of time. By looking at photos from different times, you can make a proper assessment.



Signs of permanent hair loss can occur at various stages for various people. This guide doesn’t tell you to do it all and not seek professional help. One of the best ways to tackle permanent hair loss is by diagnosing it at an early stage and taking prompt action so that maybe you might not even need a Hair Transplant eventually! Once the permanent hair loss is too prominent then only Hair Transplant remains as the sole option. If you catch it early then effective hair loss therapies can greatly help or even boost the results you’d get via Hair Transplant.

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