6 Things to Expect After Undergoing a Hair Transplant

6 Things to Expect After Undergoing a Hair Transplant!

In this article, Dr. Gaurav Solanki (Hair Transplant Surgeon at Cult Aesthetics) will highlight 6 very important things that should be kept in mind after you’ve undergone your Hair Transplant!


The Way You Sit

Any trauma that results in a break in the integrity of skin can result in swelling on the affected area. After a Hair Transplant, it’s quite normal to experience the same around 2-7 days post-surgery.

The swelling can also drastically vary as per the Grade of Baldness you had belonged to and the severity of your Hair Transplant.

To counter this swelling, maintain an upright or semi-lying down position. Sleeping with your head elevated at a 45 Degree angle while making use of 2 pillows can also help.


Pain Can Occur

We’ve discussed this topic in our Does a Hair Transplant Hurt? Article. Since it is usually to experience pain during and after the surgery, it’s important that the same is managed by proper techniques and the use of pain medications prescribed by your surgeon.  

Normally, the pain declines after a few days of the surgery. In case it escalates then you SHOULD consult the surgeon for better management of the same, as sometimes an escalation in the levels of pain experience can also happen due to an infection, hence professional advice is also suggested.


The Concept of Shock Loss

The full results of a Hair Transplant can take approximately a year to show. Understanding this is important before you head in for the surgery as sometimes you will even experience slight hair fall after the surgery! This too is perfectly normal and is your scalp’s natural response to trauma. Almost all of the shock loss cases resolve fully within the first 3 months. Communication with the surgeon, as stated before, is recommended.


Healing Times Can Vary

Whatever recovery times you come across the internet are just general averages. It is very important to realize that everybody is different, since there are a lot of complexities involved, right from the reason for hair loss, the type of hair transplant, the skill of the surgeon and the natural response of the body to the Hair Transplant. In case you fixate your mind towards a specific recovery time then you’d mostly be disappointed!

Also, the time taken for the full results to show can vary too! With some people often noticing the full glory of results in the 24th Month!


Multiple Sessions Might Be Required

It’s not uncommon to come across cases where more than one session might be required. In such cases, the surgeon would assess the hair growth after the initial session and then decide if the second one is required or not. This is also why it’s very important to finalize the correct clinic and surgeon for your Hair Transplant!


You Are Restoring More Than Just Hair!

In case hair loss had always impacted your level of confidence then it’s not just the hair that you’d be restoring but also the lost confidence as a bonus! Hair Transplant is a trusted way to regain your confidence.

In case you’ve been planning your Hair Transplant journey and need guidance on the same then you may connect with Dr. Gaurav Solanki by calling us on +91-9990449555

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