At Cult Aesthetics by enhance, the number 1 question we get right before the one relating to pain experienced in a Hair Transplant Journey is “How many hair grafts will I need for my Hair Transplant procedure?”  What makes answering this question hard is the fact that there is never a predetermined answer to this, simply because there are several factors on which this decision is based, and these factors differ a lot from individual to individual. Today, Dr. Gaurav will elaborate on why only a qualified surgeon who has assessed the patient’s hair type and density in the donor area is the person who should be answering this common question and no one else.


What are Hair Grafts?

Before we go deep, let us talk about the basics first. It is essential to understand what hair grafts are. The answer to this is quite simple, your hair always grows in groups or 1,2,3 or even 4 strands of hair, this count varies from person to person. These groups of hair are known as grafts which differ from individual strands of hair.


How Many Strands of Hair Can Be Transplanted in a Single Hair Transplant Session?

Hair grafts are extracted usually from the back of the head (also called donor area). The range of grafts is 3000-3500-4000 in both the procedures (FUT or FUE) with slight variation depending upon the donor area. The difference between these two Hair Transplant techniques is quite complex and we have discussed this before as well.

Apart from the tehcnique used, there are several other factors that can have an impact on the amount of Hair Grafts used.


What Factors Determine How Many Hair Grafts Will I Require?

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, this answer is best left to the surgeon who has accessed your case. However, the surgeon’s answer will be based upon a set number of factors explained below.


  1. The size of the bald area that needs to be covered: The size of the bald area that you are looking to address with the Hair Transplant is the biggest factor in determining how many grafts you would need in your Hair Transplant. The larger the area, the larger number of grafts required.
  2. Quality of Hair in the donor area: Hair Grafts are extracted from the donor area (back of the head) and from there they are transplanted into the balding area. The quality of the hair present in the donor area (and the quantity too) play an important role in the entire procedures. If your donor area hair is dense and thick then the number of grafts required can be fewer.
  3. The extent of hair thinning: Your hair type and to which extent has hair thinning occurred can also determine the number of grafts which be required to make the hair line look natural. Hair restoration procedures always consider the current and future extent of hair thinning for the best possible results.
  4. Type of surgery opted for: The technique that the Surgeon suggests for your specific case also plays a role in determining the number of grafts required.
  5. You budget: We at Cult Aesthetics by Enhance always make sure that your budget is also kept in mind while guiding you with the most suitable line of treatment.

To find out more about how many grafts you might require for your Hair Transplant surgery, book a consultation with Dr. Gaurav by connecting with him at +91-9990449555.

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