Hair Transplant and Scarring

Hair Transplant & Scarring: Dr. Gaurav Breaks it Down

Apart from the “How Much Pain Will I Experience” the number 1 question we get from patients is that “How Much Scarring Will be Left” following the hair transplant. In this article, Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Gaurav Solanki addresses just that.

First and foremost, avoid the clinics and surgeons that offer a scar-less surgery. That is not technically possible or achievable. Coming to the main questions, the prominence of the scar following a hair transplant depends on several factors like: 

  1. The technique used for the Hair transplant.
  2. The length of your hair.
  3. Your own body’s tendency to scars.
  4. The Skill of the surgeon carrying out the procedure.

We’ve talked about the 2 Types of Hair Transplant previously, so let us cover the scarring aspect for each individually.


FUT Hair Transplant & Scars


In FUT Hair Transplant, a small section of the hair-bearing skin is removed from the donor area. Then, this is dissected down to individual hair grafts to be transplanted into areas where there is thinning or baldness. When this technique is used by a skilled surgeon for your Hair Transplant then there will be a fine pale and linear scar in the donor region. This scar is usually completely concealed with hair that is just 2-3 centimetres in length.


FUE Hair Transplant & Scars


In FUE Hair Transplant, each individual hair graft is removed one by one from the donor area. Hence, patients are left with small circular scars in the regions from which the hair was removed. The amount of scarring is more with this method, however, since it’s spread out over a larger area, it is not noticeable.


How The Scars Heal & The Role of The Hair Transplant Surgeon


The surgeon can only make the incision, the healing has to be done by the patient’s body. The degree of scarring that plays out over time and its healing depends on the patient’s individual healing characteristics.

The degree of the scarring also depends on the skill of the surgeon and the team who performed the Hair Transplant. If the team is poor then there can be unacceptable scarring in the donor and even the recipient areas! This is also why you should always take precautions in finalizing the surgeon and clinic for your Hair Transplant!

If the team is skilled and so is the surgeon, then the scarring eventually is easily covered by the patient’s own hair and not at all visible to anyone. 

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