Hair Transplant Why Hairline Planning Is So Important!

Hair Transplant: Why Hairline Planning Is So Important!

In one of our latest video testimonials, left by the wonderful Mr. Amit the importance of hairline and its role in a Hair Transplant surgery was highlighted. This is a key point as Mr. Amit was the patient and the man who got his surgery done by Dr. Gaurav, so we respect him for first understanding the importance of this point and then finalizing the correct Hair transplant Surgeon & Clinic, a point that many people somewhat miss completely.

Hair Transplant requires a great deal of research, when you are researching and trying to finalize the perfect clinic/surgeon combo you’d already be wary of a lot of points.

Some of them we’ve already highlighted in the following 2 articles: How to Finalize The Surgeon & The Clinic for Your Hair Transplant & How Your First Consultation Might Be Like

Why is Hairline Planning So Important?

The Hairline is the line where your hair meets with the rest of your face. It is also something that you instantly notice about someone when you meet them for the first time. Naturally, this is also something that someone else whom you’ve just met notices about you almost immediately!

For most people, getting a hair transplant practically means getting a head full of hair, nothing less and nothing more. They do not realize that the reality is a lot more detailed and finer. Having a head full of hair but with an unnatural looking hairline actually is a failed hair transplant because the entire goal of a hair transplant is to have great hair on your head with a natural looking hairline. The keyword being “natural”


How Do I Plan My Hairline?

You do not! This is something that is best left to the surgeon, and this is exactly where the skills of the surgeon also come into play! The knowledge and experience needed to craft a natural-looking hairline is what sets the good surgeons apart! When you walk into Cult Aesthetics, Dr. Gaurav spends a lot of time on your specific case to make sure that the hairline planned for you looks completely natural. This should always be the goal of the surgeon who is going to do your Hair Transplant surgery.

When the surgeon is planning your hairline, they’d also factor in a lot of aspects, like your current age. For example, someone who is in his 40s should have great hair on their head after a hair transplant but also a hairline that goes with their age and looks natural. If a 40yr old patient is given the hairline of a 20yr old, then the results of the entire exercise would only produce fake-looking results.

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