How To Sleep After Undergoing a Hair Transplant?

Innovations in modern-day technology have made hair transplant surgeries a lot less invasive over time. Hair Transplant is now safer and a lot more effective than ever. The healing process has also become smoother over time. We’ve talked about various aspects of Hair Transplant already on our blog, we’d link you to them at the end of this article too.

As we’ve mentioned before across our blog, there are 2 techniques to do a Hair Transplant, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT). In each of these procedures, the goal and the concept remains the same while it’s only the techniques that differ.  

One question that constantly pops up (regardless of which technique is used) is that “how should I be sleeping after undergoing a Hair Transplant?” today Dr. Gaurav will answer that.


Tips on How to Sleep After Undergoing a Hair Transplant Procedure:


  1. Sleeping in the right position: For a few weeks after the surgery, sleep with the back and your head slightly elevated, use of a recliner is preferred. The first 3-4 nights have the maximum risk of swelling, sleeping in an elevated position ensures that the swelling is always under control and speeds up the overall recovery process. In case you are lying on the back then rest your head on a pillow and avoid turning as this might even dislodge the grafts. In case you are used to sleeping on the stomach then avoid doing so completely to prevent post-surgery swelling.
  2. Covering the pillow with a towel: Since leakage from the scalp is expected in this phase, you may cover your pillow with a soft towel that can prevent the pillows from getting stained.
  3. Importance of maintaining good hygiene: For the first few weeks, you have to be extra cautious about the overall hygiene. For starters, make sure that the bed, pillowcases, and sheets are always clean. This will avoid the risk of infection. Always wash the bedsheets with detergents that do not contain any allergens that irritate the scalp.


A Few More Common Questions:


After how much duration can I start to sleep properly after undergoing a Hair Transplant procedure?

It takes at least 10 full days for patients to return to their normal routine and habits. This includes sleeping positions and even normal physical activities. For 7-10 days post-surgery the hair grafts and the incisions on the scalp are in the healing phase. Once this phase is over, you may start sleeping in normal positions and patterns.


How much time do the grafts take to be fully secure after undergoing a Hair Transplant procedure?

The transplanted area can take as long as 9-14 days after the surgery to be considered fully secure and rooted into the recipient area. This period depends on how well you’ve followed the post-care routine and precautions.


Are there any ways to speed up the recovery process after undergoing a Hair Transplant procedure?

You may take the following precautions in order to speed up the recovery process:

  1. Avoid any physical activity or exercises that can cause your heart rate to increase.
  2. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol as it can directly affect the blood supply to your head.
  3. Eat a balanced diet that is rich in antioxidants.
  4. Avoid exposing your scalp to direct sunlight.
  5. Avoid touching the scalp, this includes itching or scratching.

We have a dedicated topic for this question. You may also research more on the overall Hair Transplant journey with the help of the articles listed below and you may consult with Dr. Gaurav by calling us at +91-9990449555


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